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What's New

     Jane Iredale may look the same at a glance however, there are some changes.  Updated products, reformulations, new items, as well as a handful that will now be discontinued. While we are transitioning this line to the new currant standard, there will be some sales on the previous stock we have on hand. Please see your service provider for assistance.

     You may notice some price increases to keep up with the rising costs of products.  Color products have increased substantially in the last 3 years due to supply chain issues and ingredient shortages.  As well as our basic supplies for everyday salon services. We have seen this with everything in our lives, groceries, gas, utilities and so on. We are doing our best to absorb some of these things. Please note, all service providers are contractors and they set their own prices. This is why we have insured on our scheduling site that prices say "starting at" so there are no surprises when it comes to whoever you choose to see in our salon. If you have any questions about pricing please contact your service provider.

We're looking forward to a bright and sunny spring in the near future,

Salon 43 WL


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